Loads of Learned Lumber

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sherman Alexie with David Lehman, eds., _The Best American Poetry 2015_

AS OFTEN HAPPENS, the poetry in the 2015 volume reminded me of the work of its editor--in this case, a mild but not obsessive fascination with closed forms, an occasionally surreal humor, a recurring interest in matters of identity. As with the editor's poetry, I found myself appreciating it and respecting it without being particularly excited by it.

About the usual proportion of familiar to unfamiliar names. No great new discoveries, though. I am often motivated to pick up a book or three because of what I read in BAP, but not this year.

To tell the truth, I had stopped about halfway through, and only picked it up when I saw the new one was out.

Bit of an off-year for BAP, it seemed to me. New one looks promising at first glance, though.

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